Framesdirect Art Direction

At, one of our main challenges is being able to equally represent all of our various brands, which includes Oakley, Ray-Ban, Prada, and Gucci. Our goal for the quarterly photoshoots is to create beautiful images representing our high-end brands. Through collaboration and great ideas, we were able to create a concept of each season allowing us to fully represent our designer brands. 

Concept for our Spring photoshoot was focused more on the eyewear. The colors of the clothing became the accessory to our high end, designer brands. Muted backgrounds were used to emphasis the colors of spring within the clothing and eyewear. Images were focused on our top sellers and trending colors for Spring. 

Images by David Heisler

FramesDirect Spring 2016 photoshooT

Concept was focused more on the representing our Framesdirect brands through color and fashion. As a team, we wanted to continue the moody feel from Fall and move into cool, winter tones. 

Images by David Heisler

FramesDirect Winter 2015 PhotoshooT

Concept was focused on darker, moodier tones that added a more dramatic feel to the site for Fall. Images were to represent and incorporate all of our bestselling and newest products.  

Images by David Heisler

FrAmesDirect Fall 2015 Photoshoot